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    Really diggin' the fourth patch to replace the badge! I wanted to do that too with mine but I'm just a texturer, not a modeler lol glad to see someone else got around to doing it!

    23 Februarie 2022
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    @MilitaryScar hey man, this vest and the other one you have up use my model conversion and texture work without my permission (the evidence is in the "embedded textures" in OpenIV's model viewer, anyone who's curious can feel free to download my vest and compare - this is the second time this has happened I'm aware of). You can leave the textures up, but please take the model out and add a link to my mod if you do decide to keep them up

    23 Februarie 2022
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    @Nachtfliege Hey bud, can you dm me back here at some point, or accept my fr on steam? I have somebody here claiming my work he uploaded without permission was given to him by you for his pack. Let's get this sorted out ASAP please.

    05 August 2021
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    "How do I use this on FiveM?"
    Couldn't tell you, I don't use FiveM or know how it works, I just like the idea

    "Does this work for X character?"
    If they aren't the MP freemode character, then no

    "Can you make this for X character?"
    No, I don't actively mod the game and I don't have the tools to convert models any more

    "Can you make X change to the model?"
    Even if I was still modding, no, I never learned 3d modelling or texture mapping

    I'm passing the torch down to you guys now. Remember, fuck all the Saints Row x Star Wars super villain shit the game's turned into, keep GTA gangster! Whether you're into MCs, street gangs, crime families, mafias, or whatever else, keep it street - It's what GTA needs most right now!!

    09 Mai 2020
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    @Bubb1eM0nster check out High Noon on MyFonts. Pretty damn close to the font on their rockers but comes with a $20 price tag. Not as close but free and works well is IFC Railraod on DaFont. That's usually my go-to for the MC shit, and what I used personally for my club's patches

    12 Decembrie 2019
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    @3milo I'll make an exception if it happens to be a .OIV install as long as you still link in the description, otherwise if they're just loose files, the link back here is mandatory! Hope this is a fair compromise haha

    03 Octombrie 2019
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    @IamVexy thanks man hahaha I'm tempted to renew it but it's pretty low priority, I did have some pretty sick stuff lined up. Most of it was in-game already too so it would've been relatively easy to do...
    Anyways, I hate to say it but unfortunately I can't help you there. I don't know any FiveM players personally, and I don't play myself. I would try searching the forums for any tutorials or even making a request topic if you can't find anything

    08 Septembrie 2019
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    @BigWhiskey that's hella weird. You getting that consistently? Also, stupid question, but you're making sure it's in your mods folder too right? First I've heard of this. Maybe try renaming and installing over a different "task" (make sure to back up the old one if you might want to keep it)?

    02 Septembrie 2019
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    @BigWhiskey what trainer are you usin? It should show up right before those newer, bigger body armors that the Executive update added if you used the directions I put in the readme. It replaces a blank model so I guess depending on the trainer that might be an issue, but I use Menyoo and can't replicate your problem. If you really like your trainer my only other suggestion would be replace another body armor you don't care about as much that already works in the trainer you use. Let me know if you get it workin or not

    02 Septembrie 2019
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    @HookahTroopers no clue what could be causing that, sorry man
    @Inked if I get zmodeler back I probably would
    @BigWhiskey as long as you installed it in the right spot you should be able to find it with just about any trainer
    @Polimante wish I could help homie, went through the same struggles but it's been so long I'd have to re-learn everything again as it is. I'd suggest trying and searching or asking on the forums here, I came across a lot of good info and helpful people when I was rigging this!!

    29 August 2019