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  • 80bb33 zap96x96

    More info:

    The bridges can be raised and lowered, are then synced between all players.

    Current problems:
    - Crashes that provoke a part of the maps, something with TaskLimit.
    - Trains as well as cars can not stop yet. Whether I find a solution to this I can not guarantee, at least with the trains. Cars are feasible.
    - We use a part of the maps that you have created to implement the whole. I'm currently trying to figure out which of the maps causes crashes in FiveM. But in case of doubt we will recreate the ymaps to remove the bridge. For example, it is enough to remove the bridge only in the near vicinity and further away, it may and can remain present even if then not functional. So I could implement a bridge that only spawns and is functional when a player is near it. (Saves performance)

    You can also come to our Discord and write me directly if you like.

    01 Mai 2023
  • 80bb33 zap96x96

    Is there any way I can contact you? Or you me?

    This is about a conversion for FiveM. I found a solution that will work almost completely in FiveM. To make it available to others I would need the permission to use the two props train_drawbridge and car_drawbridge and upload them as part of it. I then of course refer to the fact that you have created these props.

    01 Mai 2023