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    The mod does not work for me. Incorrect description in the readme file. "GTA V/common.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5/" after common.rpf I don't have a common folder in openIV, or do I need to create a common folder? There is no rebuild button either, it would be nice to update the description of how it should be installed.

    04 Aprilie 2024
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    What exactly does the player bar in the bottom right corner of the screen mean? How conspicuously am I doing business?

    23 Martie 2024
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    @AngelRM I also had it not working as described, but I could see when I opened F4 that something didn't want to write the files, so I had to give full access to the main folder, which would open all the internal folders. For me it is games->gta5>gta5->internal folders. I gave both gta5 main folders full access and then could write files. To give full access, I right click on gta5 folder->properties->security->edit->and gave all groups or users full access.

    Translated with (free version)

    16 Martie 2024