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    This tool makes it pretty convenient to remove and restore the mods, but there may seems to be a small problem when someone wants to change their installed mods. I did a small test. At first, just like the description said, I clicked the "Scan Files" button, and then clicked the "Backup" button after putting some files into the "Grand Theft Auto" directory. The ModSwitcher removed the newly added files successfully. Then I clicked the "Restore" button, and the tool also did well by restoring these files. But when I put some different files into the directory, then clicking "Backup" button, the tool will show me an error window saying "ERROR: Backup Failed". I guess there should have been a "refresh" button or something else, that can clean the tool's memory of mod files, so that I can change my installed mods with this tool correctly working.

    14 Iulie 2020