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    Hey I've been using this mod for years and love it, I noticed there was a issue with the latest update in first person in a vehicle, the settings wont save so I can look around my patrol car, I'm a k-9 vehicle dev for the 12 car SED pack on LSPDFR with over 112k downloads, i've always left a link to your download but it seems like things might be messed up? and between the past i know there were updates via other sites while you were perfecting everything after gta updates messed things up so i just want to know whats going on and how to fix this so i can tell other people in the lspdfr community the correct information and why this mod isn't working right now after the last bs rockstar update. Thanks for any reply, JB-Designs

    12 August 2023
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    Just downloaded the new updated version on github, working flawlessly now. Thanks for the UPDATE!

    12 Ianuarie 2023
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    @MaxPower777 Yeah, As a dev, I'm pretty sure he will update us all when he's done with GTA 5 mods and will let his script be OPEN to the public to fix issues after he's gone. Until then I don't think people should be nervous, The last time GTA did a big update to mess up ASI plugins, this happened, and it takes the dev/devs to fix the new issues. There's no other plugin like this to look around your vehicle, so yeah we wait and hope the dev is having a good holiday and nothing bad happened.

    27 Decembrie 2022
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    Hey just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over the years, GTA fucked your mod again with a update, Hope to see another update from you soon, like everybody else here, this mod is essential to my first person lspdfr game play, there's no going back to the standard first person vehicle views lol, they're terrible and this mod should of been included with the game

    20 Decembrie 2022