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    @Slash_Alex nooope
    just got a new keyboard and using the hell out of it haha

    07 Ianuarie 2020
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    wheres the mod? i just see typical LA driving

    07 Ianuarie 2020
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    ent fully crashing my game during initial loading screen
    this is a brand new mod save, and i dont have any other mods except for the necessaries like scripthook, so no clue what could be causing it? game update maybe killed it? this is my favorite menu so it kinda sucks but i can wait lol

    06 Ianuarie 2020
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    guys the flashlight wasnt added into singleplayer, you have to spawn it through the weapons menu of a trainer

    29 August 2019
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    @HvyMetal55 this happened to me to but with a different vehicle
    one time it was a modded replace vehicle and the other was a online dlc cars that didnt get added to singleplayer vanilla

    sooo my looking at the vehicle yours crashed with im assuming it has a chance of crashing with some dlc cars?? dunno

    25 August 2019
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    great mod!! but im getting a bug.
    backup npcs wont spawn
    (if i go to a dealer and buy backup it wont spawn anything)
    also none of the support will spawn, and only leave blips on the map that you cant remove
    i was trying to figure out what was going on and noticed that if i spawn support it only spawns the car, and if i have air support it just instantly crashes and blows up

    so im guessing npcs arent spawning??? also air strikes dont work
    everything else is fine, the tdms work great

    14 August 2019
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    following up, i have redux installed, which tweaks ped ai. any chance this is the culprit?

    04 Iulie 2019
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    getting an issue where all zombies will run at me like normal angry peds and punch (even with running zombies off). also playermodel resets on death (watch your death) even though i have all those settings off in my menus, and this is a new save so i dont have many mods, this never happened before

    04 Iulie 2019
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    @iicecube it acts the same as pressing control in vanilla so id assume(?)

    03 Iulie 2019
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    Whenever a (modded in) police car pulls me over or honks at me, my game crashes. Dunno how to fix? Really cool mod tho, especially for roleplay.

    23 Aprilie 2019