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    @Gaming_With_Dj thanks for letting me know about codewalker, I might be needing it, I'm considering revisiting the mod, replacing the stations with full 3d models but I have a few issues tho.
    1. Time
    2. know how, such as placing the models in zeditor and then into GTA V.
    3. making them function with working newly placed train cars, and even new bus designs, I might post what I have made image wise on here but we'll see.
    4. I might need help on this project maybe, like I said time is a factor.

    23 Septembrie 2018
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    @Gaming_With_Dj -Sorry for the delay with the reply, also, some dumb reason the devs have areas where the traffic light are placed either incorrectly or not at all, for example if you go to station A1, on the main road heading towards the beach, there was originally no traffic light.

    All I did was either removed the incorrectly placed light and replaced it with a new light found in the prop folder as long as it's in the intersection where the light will be active so the AI traffic will stop, but it only works if the AI is programed to stop there sadly, so I had to guess or explore which spot needed the lighting replaced.

    21 Septembrie 2018
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    model needs major work friend.

    19 Iunie 2017
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    04 Iunie 2017
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    how do u keep the doors open with the engine running on vehicles?

    01 Iunie 2017
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    how do u keep the doors open? i been trying to figure out how to with the engine running

    01 Iunie 2017
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    @kkrive500 it's just buildings and bus stations and stops with actors, no vehicles present; also with the addition of working traffic lights that are usually missing on the GTA V map all together, this was made using map editor, so just drop the script folder into the GTA directory and make sure you have the other items needed that works with the mod, such as Menyoo, and the trainstation mod to have all the items spawn on the map.

    There are no buses placed within this current version of the mod, you will have to do that yourself since I don't know if people would want to place their own version of the buses so I left it blank for you to be creative with your own setting or you can wait till I release the additional vehicle mod version that have buses set up at the stations of my choosing.

    That is up to you.

    01 Iunie 2017
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    @dedogmodz go ahead dude just be sure to slap my name on the credits list when you're done.

    29 Mai 2017