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    Could someone try to make Nightbird's version of Elegy RH6 from ROTB? That bodykit is just pure predator:

    04 Iunie 2024
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    "Sweet dreams are made of these....!" - Frickin finally, so good to see that beauty in 5Mods. Thank you and the rest of people who contributed to this mod!

    02 Iunie 2024
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    Hello, this is one of the best mods I've ever had. Great job! Have a question, would it be possible to split one of the hood options of Apocalypse Dominator into two separate option? I'm thinking about the hood with that skull on the front. Could be made into an option with and without the skull, so the Death Race Frankenstein's Mustang would be properly finished? I saw what you made with Imperator and the option to delete louvers and front bumper was a heaven's send! Kind regards for your answer!

    07 Mai 2024
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    Finally someone tackled that, great work man! Could you find any way to create pc variants of other cars like Arbiter, S95 or Cyclone II?

    01 Mai 2024
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    This mod is great by itself, but unfortunately breaks the Mamba car. What I mean is that the Mamba is spawnable, but when you try to enter it, the game crashes. Notices your Vigero GT shares some properties with this car f.e. in vehicles meta. Can it be fixed?

    11 Aprilie 2024
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    Damn, that's just so good! Maybe now you can try to do the same with Wagner Mk. II, which could look like Valhalla or Valkyrie production models! The interior of original Wagner just doesn't work for me, and I can't be the only one.

    25 Martie 2024
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    Hi there, was contacting to you through in swapped Panto mod page. You told you're open for suggestions, so here are some you may consider in the future. Great take on this build.

    Vapid Imperator with roof ducktail and without louvers to make better Mad Max build.

    Astron Widebody for those who don't have consoles. (doesn't have to be exactly the same, you can make your own take on this one)

    8-Wagen, basically faster I-Wagen with V8.

    Vapid Dominator (original) with widebody or Eleanor like-kit. There's an older mod on the site, but doesn't look too good. Make if you could also incorporate a widebody similar to this one also, that would look so f*ckin cool.

    La Coureouse stock petrol variant

    Eudora 2-door with roof, someone made a cabrio mod of this one, and I wish for it to be 2-door with roof too.

    Sm722 with roof and smaller changes to overall shape, exhaust placement and suspension height to make a proper lore friendly Mclaren SLR, Aziz Kuchkarov made a Schnell Progen long time ago, but I think it looks a bit outdated, especially when SM722 has such a good interior.

    08 Martie 2024
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    @Silentm503 fantastic information. Just one question. I'm not much in the topic, but if someone gives you a request, do you prefer it to be one per individual user, so other users would have their chance to give their own requests or is it ok to provide any further ones if idea is there?

    04 Martie 2024
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    Hi, great mod. If you're focused on vanilla edits, could you to try to replicate Vapid Ellie with two headlights on the bottom part of the bumper, instead in the grill and better concealed side exhaust to make it look much closer to original Shelby Eleanor? I was never satisfied with the limitations of the original Ellie. I don't mean to be pushy at all, but I'd be more than happy to see an improved variant.

    04 Martie 2024
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    Hello, very cool mod. Sorry to bother you, but how are you into giving some liveries in future updates for this, previous and following lore-friendly truck mods. It always bothered me we don't have any liveries for vanilla trucks and as far as I can see, the red variant (on the main photo) would suit pretty well for TF4 Optimus livery, you can take a look here:

    22 Februarie 2024