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    @DSCADX Thanks for your response - no problem I understand you must be busy. Brilliant, I'll give that a try, very much appreciated.

    25 Octombrie 2020
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    Thanks so much for making this it's for making this it's really fun and it works perfectly. I'm having some trouble making my own armies of addonpeds. I've managed to add all my Addonpeds using dscore, I've managed to make custom units with addon peds models, I've managed to add those new units to a squad, I've managed to make a new army preset but for the life of me i can't figure out how to add my custom units/troops/squads to the army preset - i can only ever see the option to use the existing squads that come with the mod. I've looked through comments and the guidance notes that came with the mod but I just can't seem to work it out - if anyone can help me with this or point to a tutorial video I'd be grateful

    21 Octombrie 2020
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    Is anyone else having trouble with characters ragdolling when the script is active? - if i jump too high or hit too quickly I just fall over - I don't think this started happening until recently.

    07 Mai 2019
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    Yeah it would be awesome to have laser weapons, I'm trying to make a Terminator style invasion. I tried to manually replace existing weapons with the laser rifle in the xml files in the profiles folder through a text editor but it didn't work, tried both as Weapon_RayCarbine and UnholyHellbringer. I'm probably missing something or it just isn't possible.

    24 Martie 2019
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to add the new laser weapons to peds from this mod?

    20 Martie 2019