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  • 04d5d0 ghostbusters pacific

    @truffleshuffle Don't worry, man. I will add a livery of the dilapidated version of the car form the first scenes of the 05 movie, as well as a 05 livery in general.
    Also, if you want to make content regarding it, you could probably use the one with the flag, but I recommend just putting a disclaimer heading the video, so that everyone knows.
    I just don't want you guys arguing over the flag and whether or not it should or shouldn't have it. I respect the show, and while I know that symbols don't have to be inherently bad, I also understand and respect that some people can't cut those associations, which is why I included a disclaimer and censored the flag for this page. Please just be civil guys. Nobody's any better than anyone else just because of what they think the flag means or doesn't mean. Even I myself tend to be uncomfortable when I see the flag being proudly displayed, as I am a left leaning citizen, but I also understand that people still use the flag to this day as a symbol of hate. But I also respect the historical accuracy of a show I love and care about, and grew up with, and am one of those who believe the car just looks wrong without it. But if somebody wants to display it without the flag, that's okay too, because I understand the reasons why it's tricky. Doesn't make them any less of a Duke fan, just means they don't want to upset anyone if they don't have to.
    Just be excellent to each other.

    17 Iulie 2022
  • 04d5d0 ghostbusters pacific

    @gtavjamal And yeah, I'd love to get the CB antenna and all the other odds and ends too. I don't do any modeling myself, but I know a lot of people that have worked on the BTTF V stuff, so I have connections I can try to network and see if anyone wants to help.

    04 Iulie 2022
  • 04d5d0 ghostbusters pacific

    @gtavjamal Yo. I've deadass honestly been thinking about the same thing. I'm so close to scouring the animations for something that even resembles an animation that could be used for getting in through a window.
    From what I understand, animations are really really hard to create for this game, but I'm honestly tempted to try and learn how, just to make it possible.

    04 Iulie 2022
  • 04d5d0 ghostbusters pacific

    @NicholasPTgamer @gtavjamal
    Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like it. And thanks for the really good rendition of the flag, Jamal.
    I'm thinking about updating it a little by adding the later season '83 Green & White license plate, as well as doing Reunion and '05 Movie versions. (I know the movie's not very good, but it's more just to do us much variety as I can.) Let me know what you guys think of those ideas.

    02 Iulie 2022
  • 04d5d0 ghostbusters pacific

    Yo. Love the mod. Best Charger for this game hands down. The handling is perfect and so much fun to get a feel for. Did some livery work for a custom General Lee and got it damn near perfect, so I'm super happy with this mod.
    However, for some very strange reason, if this car touches the water in the LS River, my whole game crashes and I can not figure out why, and I need help. Do we have any idea why this happens? Am I the only one that's experienced this? If anyone else has and they've been able to fix it, any help would be much appreciated.
    Still, game crashes aside, 10/10 mod.

    29 Iunie 2022
  • 04d5d0 ghostbusters pacific

    I'm having an issue where after dying or switching weapons, some police riot shields appear over the cap shield. Does anyone else have this problem or have any idea what's causing it?

    18 Octombrie 2019