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    I can't wait! Thank you for the information by the way, my PC is medium tier and can handle a lot but ya never know, I guess.

    26 Februarie 2022
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    Dude this is so cool looking, I'ma get it as soon as the YMAP comes out! How resource intensive is it? I doubt it'll make a difference but for some reason I've noticed mods that add buildings lag, even though in vanilla the buildings don't lag.

    23 Februarie 2022
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    I'm having some bugs/problems, I think.
    1. Light LODs are still yellow, even though I have the default light blue setting.
    2. How do you get the blue light pollution/etc? It's still yellow for me.
    3. How do you get the blue building window lights as shown in the images? I'm trying to make my city look as futuristic as possible.

    21 Februarie 2022
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    @R3QQ Gonna download this as well, it is another awesome mod. I agree with IreBurn, it could be cool as a nightclub in the future, though.

    By the way, it's very interesting how FFFR started for a disabled person. That's actually really nice that you made a whole mod for them.

    Anyway, this is more directed to whocares, if he ever sees this again, and you - if you are interested. People like them don't understand asexuality, in which some people despise sex. If they don't see it as something good for them, who cares? They don't care if others have it. Also, I don't really understand his counterargument about the violence, lol. Violence is in other games, movies, etc, and for those who don't mind it then why criticise it? I could care less if a kid hates it, but my best mate loves it. Doesn't mean they're a serial killer or something. Though I do agree somewhat, people's handling of talking about sex is crap. It's a natural human thing, if they want to deal with it when they're older then so be it, same if they do not. But why not just educate everyone about it from the start?

    Sorry this became some huge rant, and back to R3QQ- I saw your message on FFFR. I will try and access the Discord to tell you about the issue.

    06 Iunie 2021
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    @R3QQ Amazing mod, this has allowed me to play GTA 5 in front of those who do not approve of the main game. Anyway, I don't care about violence, but I'm glad all the other stuff is gone. However, sometimes I hear people say curses - mostly "Oh $h!t". I have edited the .ini file, and mostly just added violence, police, and deformation, but I never edited the audio, so how could this happen? Or is it not taken into account? Thanks in advance.

    05 Iunie 2021
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    @Perros194 At that rate, no idea. Please list all your mods below, I can try and figure it out. If we have any of the same mods, then they are likely the issue.

    03 Iunie 2021
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    @Perros194 Probably. Do you have other map mods?

    31 Mai 2021
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    @Perros194 Same here! Do you have any Cayo Perico/Liberty City mod by chance? Another mod that adds additional things, which was a big forest, didn't work when Liberty City was installed. Too much memory or something.

    30 Mai 2021
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    @Mart475 which areas do these cover? Even if it's less, does it cover the same space as Forests of San Andreas? Also, is the framerate/compatability any better? (Specifically w/Liberty City)

    20 Septembrie 2020