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    Hell yeah, this is awesome! Glad to see this has been finished :) I saw Godzilla Minus One back in February, and to say it does this plane justice is an understatement - Yamazaki & Co. made the Shinden look truly badass! A weapon fit of bringing down the King of the Monsters himself :D

    in urma cu 10 zile
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    Can't go wrong with the Cosworth! While my family didn't own one when I was young, we did have a 1989 Sierra Estate from when I was about 5 to when I was almost 8, and I have memories of it being built like a tank, including an incident where it made light work of a Ford Ka that pulled out on it and suffered no more than a broken indicator, while the Ka's front end was mangled beyond repair. An absolutely legendary line of cars.

    03 Iulie 2023
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    "The Schyster Compact Wagon is every soccer mom's dream come true. When you're not trying not to have the huge engine under the hood shake itself to pieces while drinking its weight in gasoline, you can take it to LSC to add the most ugly modifications known to man with reckless abandon."
    - Southern San Andreas Super Autos

    12 Mai 2023
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    01 Aprilie 2023
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    It's a plane with a name that almost sounds like something R* would come up with :D
    Excellent work, as always!

    11 Martie 2023
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    Nicely done! I'm looking forward to seeing more UK civilian vehicles in the future :)

    19 Decembrie 2022
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    Gargoyle Squadron: We're up against that thing? God help us.
    Skeleton Squadron: It's hard enough just keeping up with the drones.
    Golem 1 Knocker: Golem Squadron, take out big Baby Huey!

    11 Decembrie 2022
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    "Mr. White, remember to use the mods folder!"
    "I am the one who installs."

    01 Decembrie 2022
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    @SelenaGomez Sounds good to me! Looking forward to what's coming next.

    10 Octombrie 2022
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    Looking very good! Hopefully more Rover models, such as the 75 and SD1 are planned for the future :)

    08 Octombrie 2022