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    Pretty fucking good. The modularity is nice, playing on levels 1-3 is like a slice of classic GTA Online. Excited to see what more will come from this, I love it so far.

    05 Octombrie 2021
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    Good mod but doesn't work by itself at the moment.
    4.5 still works (and includes all the new vehicles) if you use this:

    03 Octombrie 2021
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    ^ Tried 3.1, 3.2 AND 3.3 but no luck. The hunger mod works though. This needs fixed.

    02 Octombrie 2021
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    This is a phenomenal mod.

    I put it off for way too long, because I have a shit-tier wheel (Thrustmaster T80 488GTB) and figured there wouldn't be any support for it. I've been battling different mods so that I can drive properly with turn signals and such, trying to use Xenolit's outdated control mod and x360ce and rewasd -- my point is, I'm stupid I didn't at least give this a try before I attempted every other method in the book.

    So, yes, obviously, this mod works great with the wheel. Completely transforms the experience.

    tip to anyone here about to try this mod with a wheel - use the mod below. Its oft-cited, so you're probably already gonna get it already, just reinforce that idea with me saying it works fucking great with this.

    17 Decembrie 2019
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    @CerberusCobra Scripthook has been updated. Spawning DLC cars is likely to still have issues, since simple trainer was updated before Scripthook and seems incompatible at the moment.

    16 Decembrie 2019
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    @slayer72 I'm sorry, are you illiterate...? Nothing about this post, before or after, referenced a fix of some kind. It's very clear, and always has been, that this is an addon for the Convoys & Other Hits mod by EddIm.. You're the only one here that's struggling to understand that.

    As for my thoughts on the mod -- it works great and I can't wait for the Fleeca missions :]

    10 Octombrie 2019
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    Thank you so much, EddIm. We've been patiently awaiting your return here, and I think i speak for most of us when I say; TAKE YOUR TIME!
    No rush, please don't overexert yourself with this new project. This is one of, if not the best racing mod I've seen for this game & I'm glad you're finally back in.

    25 Septembrie 2019
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    I think it's actually impossible to find a bad mod from you guys.

    Yet again, you've done it. While I do hope to see Hellfire versions to fit the new Gauntlet, this thing is a beauty.

    I'm a fan of what you've done here, and although I wish there were more true-to-life aspects, like the supercharger's size & embellishments, You've done a great deal of justice to the new widebody Charger. I hope to see more modern muscle stuff from you in the future.

    24 Septembrie 2019
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    It's OK.

    I tried this in my quest in finding a realistic, not grossly saturated visual pack. Unfortunately, at least for me, it can still be lumped in with the crowd of presets that make the game look like it's trying too hard. It feels overexposed but with a lack of colour. Without the best possible antialiasing, it makes edges look more jagged than previously.

    All-in-all, it's alright. If you like what you see in the pictures, then you're more than likely going to enjoy the preset in game. But, if you're still on the quest to find something that feels less like a movie set in California and more like California itself, this might not be it.

    Still really great work here!

    24 Septembrie 2019
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    Not good. Lester doesn't actually follow you around nor does it recycle voice lines from the game, it's just messages that pop up that are written in broken English, which makes it hard to understand what steps to take next whenever you're in a heist.

    During the Fleeca heists, no matter what location you choose, getting the Jammer is impossible. It leads you to the downtown police department and gives you no sense of direction. I walked around the PD aimlessly for 10 minutes before I decided to move on. The others are doable, they're just not very fun. You'd probably get more enjoyment out of roleplaying with yourself by teleporting inside a bank, adding a wanted level then trying to escape, and that's pretty much what this is. The "setup missions" are really just you driving around to waypoints and then back to Lester's garment factory.

    It's a glorified wanted level giver, and that's if you can somehow manage to find the right path to take to finish the setups and get to actually rob the banks.

    07 August 2019