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  • Gtao48

    @imBIMMER try ragepluginhook.
    its useful not only for lspdfr :)

    22 hours ago
  • Gtao48

    @imBIMMER are you try to stay on a special version of the game?

    22 hours ago
  • Gtao48

    @imBIMMER Okey u try the launcher force on offline mode?
    Try my Commandline tool:

    Select your mod folder and try to set "-scOfflineOnly"

    in urma cu 1 zi
  • Gtao48

    @imBIMMER It use the same way as the original path...
    Please look at the description: "No Guarantee or Support for Pirated Versions of GTA5!!!"

    in urma cu 2 zile
  • Gtao48

    Version 7.1 was Released and are Pending for Approval

    --- v7.1
    - [Fix] Highlighted text in About
    - [Fix] Possible crash fix if "Create shortcut to" is checked and the path is not existing (Shortcut Manager)
    - [Fix] Possible crash fix if "Custom Icon" was checked but icon is not selected (Shortcut Manager)
    - [Fix] Some tool text
    - [Improved] Launch Checkbox [slightly enlarged]
    - [Improved] Highlight "Create Shortcut" button (Shortcut Manager)
    - [Improved] Path checkbox selection area

    25 Octombrie 2018
  • Gtao48

    Version 7.0 was Released and are Pending for Approval

    Now with Shortcut support!

    --- v7.0
    - [Added] A path shortcut system to make shortcuts for every path (Shortcut Manager / Label Editor)
    - [Added] Possibility to set custom shortcut icon, name and description (Shortcut Manager / Label Editor)
    - [Added] Settings.ini file (now most of the settings is saved in this file) [saved in the settings folder]
    - [Added] Changelog to About
    - [Added] "Exit Tool after the path is changed" to settings menu
    - [Added] "Save Tool position" to settings menu (This option can now be deactivated)
    - [Fix] Label changes save and load now correctly
    - [Fix] When Launch settings are enabled and the selected path value is empty then the tool launches the latest selected valid path
    - [Improved] Tool design (changed button and checkboxes style)
    - [Improved] Combined Label Editor and Shortcut Manager (Shortcut Manager / Label Editor)
    - [Improved] Some code to prevent crash for game and tool and make this tool more "stable"
    - [Removed] Folder/Path selection "Create New Folder" button
    - [Removed] Label Editor
    - [Removed] Help links

    23 Octombrie 2018
  • Gtao48

    Update v2.0 Released!
    ATTANTION: Renamed tool from "GTA V Shortcut Tool" to "Windows Shortcut Creator"
    - [Added] A possibility to work with another programms
    - [Added] Possibility to create Folder/Directory shortcut
    - [Added] "Show Windows shortcut overlay" to Settings Menu
    - [Added] Option: "Arguments"
    - [Added] Option: "Window Style"
    - [Added] Support for F1-F12 keys (Hotkey Manager)
    - [Added] Icon loader (loads icon from the selected file)
    - [Added] Check for Update system to About (Not automatically for yet)
    - [Improved] Custom Icon Change
    (Since user report that the icon change only work one time i find a way to work with the windows icon change logic.)
    - [Improved] Hotkey Manager
    - [Removed] Help links

    If you want a way to remove the windows shortcut overlay (blue arrow on all shortcuts) i can implement that!
    Just tell it in the comments :)

    23 Octombrie 2018
  • Gtao48

    @Kryo4lex Thx for 5 stars (LSPD search me now :P)
    Thats nice idea. I will update the tool :)

    21 Octombrie 2018
  • Gtao48

    Version 6.0 was Released and are Pending for Approval

    --- 6.0
    InstallPath Tool:
    ATTANTION: Renamed tool from "GTA V Installpath & Backup Tool" to "GTA V Installpath Tool"

    [Added] More path selections (up to 10)
    [Added] Yellow color to textbox for active/checked path
    [Added] RAGEPluginHook Support
    [Added] Tool Position Saving (it save the position of the tool)
    [Changed] The color from "Current Installed Path" textbox from yellow to green
    [Changed] Rename Custom Label/Change Label to "Label Editor"
    [Changed] Rename Custom "Credits" to "About"
    [FIX] Some Help Links
    [Improved] File detection (to prevent game crashes)
    [Removed] Debug Mode
    [Removed] "Close Tool after install"
    [Removed] Backup Tool (because of too many bugs)

    14 Septembrie 2018
  • Gtao48

    @imBIMMER You can use the commandlines for that. If you dont know how you use commandline use my tool:

    It helps you :)

    06 Septembrie 2018