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  • Michael3 was successfully released!
    - [Removed] "Check MD5 Hash" from main window context menu (MD5 was moved to "Game Files" and i forgot to remove it from menu) (Thanks again to HunterLies)

    27 Iunie 2024
  • Michael3 was successfully released!
    - [Added] All game files that was added on update v3258

    25 Iunie 2024
  • Michael3

    @wylirix Its false positive. Because it scanns the whole folder for its files and can delete and move files or maybe its the MD5 hash check.
    Some antivirus programs do not like functions like this. Nothing to worry.

    06 Iunie 2024
  • Michael3

    Version 2.4 was Released and are Pending for Approval.

    - [Added] Context menu to list (right click menu)
    - [Added] "Remove from list" to Context menu (Remove the selected command)
    - [Improved] Shadow Softness
    - [Improved] -particleShadows
    - [Improved] -shadowLongShadows
    - [Improved] -txxa
    - [Improved] -SSAO
    - [Improved] -fogVolumes
    - [Improved] Set ShadowQuality
    - [Improved] Set Water Quality
    - [Removed] all removed and not working commands
    This is like an hotfix update but bigger. Because i didnt check deeper into this.

    27 Mai 2024
  • Michael3

    Version 2.3 was Released and are Pending for Approval.

    --- 2.3
    - [Added] Run as administrator on start (needed because of the rockstar launcher)
    - [Added] Quick save to menu
    - [Added] Create commandline.txt if not existing
    - [Improved] -reflectionBlur
    - [Improved] -keyboardLocal
    - [Removed] -goStraightToMP

    27 Mai 2024
  • Michael3 was successfully released!
    - [Improved] List refreshing - The tool now disables the control while refreshing (Thanks to Frangipane)

    27 Mai 2024
  • Michael3

    @kobespilot ~60 gb download from launcher?

    30 Martie 2024
  • Michael3

    I want to expand my tools and intergrate multi language support and i need the help from the community.
    Feel free to join the discord and contact me from the translation app ( #translate-app )!

    14 Ianuarie 2024
  • Michael3

    2.4.5 was successfully released!
    - [Added] All game files that was added on update v3095

    18 Decembrie 2023
  • Michael3

    @skilleRCP I love the fact that some guys download and use tools without activating any brain cells... and they come here to cry and give bad ratings for stupid errors which only occure on their end without giving the chance to the tool dev to look into it or giving some more details on what was wrong...

    Aaaand the best part is, that they´re giving a bad rating for a "feature" that couldn´t have possibly existed because the tool itself is coded to not touch any game files...

    Sorry if thats a bit rude but sadly its the truth!

    13 Decembrie 2023