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  • 9062a8 owl

    The handling is on point to my taste, saved quite few hours of my life. Thank you!

    26 August 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @HalcyonFromMars Sorry for late response, first time hearing about that. Does it happen with all aircrafts? Try playing the game with only this script running (to check if it's another script interfering).
    The only time the script applies brakes is during landing, and it is not even handbrake, if wheels are locked and leaving a skid it means something else is activating the handbrake, as far as I'm aware this script does not use that brake mechanism in any moment, going to check it again just to be sure.

    13 August 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    Mercado Livre's livery got me by surprised, couldn't have imagined. Just as yellow as Itapemirin hahahaha, good job

    13 August 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @SolemnSnow thanks! there's still more to come when I have extra time.

    28 Iulie 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @Cbarlow158 Glad it worked out fine. If there's any other trouble, you can always leave your doubts or suggestions here.

    16 Iulie 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    When I was a kid I remember going to the airport and from afar seeing Varig's Rio-Sul golden compass from vertical stab moving above the terminal (as it was the only thing you could see from the outside), so I rushed inside to watch the 737-300 moving around. Back then that was the only aircraft and company visiting our airport, years later I'd meet Airbus through TAM. Although that's a 747, the golden compass always triggers such joy, thank you for bringing back such nostalgic memory.

    14 Iulie 2021
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    @Aquaphobic today I reinstalled and updated the game, set a different gameconfig from what I was using. The sounds are working as fine as they are intended¹. I do believe the gameconfig had major contribution instead of reinstalling and updating the game. So I'm writing this reply just to update the situation I had posted months ago.

    ¹previously was having an issue where the sounds most of the times wouldn't work. And when they worked they could simply vanish in a sudden. (not having this issue anymore)

    13 Iulie 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @Cbarlow158 the base jet doesn't have the spinning animation for the engines (unlike Buckingham Shamal), therefor the script doesn't recognize the engine being on. A quick fix for that is set/insert <engineBone value="4" /> on Buckingham Jet parameters on models.xml (quite in the end of the file), or issue the command plane.enginebone=4
    Being 4 the number of "virtual" engines.
    Virtual engines do not recognize when they are damaged, as the bone (usually misc_a, misc_b and such) is what determines if such engine is spinning or not. Most add-ons have those bones, but the opposite is true for game's base planes.
    Let me know if it worked.

    11 Iulie 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @CIA BRASIL thank you! working perfectly great job!

    08 Iulie 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @CIA BRASIL Indeed, from from @Heinrich_Hans_16th
    Although is up to you spend an extra effort of adapting the liveries for that model. Won't deny I'd be thrilled playing with them :D

    02 Iulie 2021