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    this is one of the best replace vehicles I have ever replaced with. I currently installed SSC and I can no longer copy the whole X64 and Update folders. So I have been replacing the vehicles i X64e folders and its a pain in the ass cuz a lot of replace vehicles don't work. Mustang boss302 ,Nissan Nismo and this one are by far the best yet with accurate front and taillights and good enough changelings.I replaced this one with Vacca and the the skins also work perfectly. Pls create more replace vehicles and keep updating

    16 Mai 2021
  • Bugstars

    This is by far the best mod I have ever seen. I have tried hundreds of mods and they all have flaws . this isn't flawless but both add on and replace work first of all, and the dials and turn signals work in both add on and replace and the interiors are also amazing . The best part is lights in the vehicle which work amazingly. Thanks for the mod buddy

    03 Mai 2021
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    the car looks and handle amazingly. the interior is perfect and all the dials are working but the seats are way too high up and can barely see the road and the traffic. overall its an amazing mod. I really wanna drive more Astons but there is something going on with the add on mods and only replace ones are working and which narrows my options for modding vehicles

    17 Aprilie 2021
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  • Bugstars

    paint wasn't finished and couldn't apply :'(

    01 Octombrie 2020
  • Bugstars

    its been doing well for a week and just the day before yesterday the game didn't load anymore til I deleted the Mustang file. Help.I really like driving this car

    06 Septembrie 2020