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    V4 was just perfect for me and that's what I'm using right now, the only thing I don't like about it is that old version is missing support for IKT speedo... V5 has it but it sometimes crashes my game and is lacking the option for nitro auto refill because it was completely removed, whats the point of having to open the menu and select refill nitro each time I use it? overtime it gets tedious and annoying, I know in the original NFS Underground there was no nitro auto refill but but that is precisely the only thing I didn't liked about that game.

    We haven't heard anything about this guy anymore or the other projects he said he was working on for a while, I hope this mod isn't dead yet already but I'm afraid it might be, If only I had the source code so I could ask my brother to help me add the functions I wanted but never got fixed or got removed.

    14 Noiembrie 2017
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    1.1 was giving me this weird issue where any plane (tested with vanilla and add-on) just won't take off and will stay on the ground no matter what I do when I have the landing gear down, if the landing gear is up, I can fly normally but as soon as I lower it again my plane starts falling again onto the ground, also pressing the button to raise the landing gears only work sometimes using a gamepad, gotta do more tests to discard any mod conflict but this didn't happen on 1.0.

    [2017-09-25 20:38:30] [INFO] Log file created (NoTurbulence.asi, build Sep 24 2017, (C) Unknown Modder)
    [2017-09-25 20:38:30] [INFO] Detected Windows 7 Ultimate (6.1.7601.23677)
    [2017-09-25 20:38:30] [INFO] Using game version 1.0.1180.2
    [2017-09-25 20:38:30] [INIT] Successfully retrieved MODULEINFO: Z:\GTA5\Grand Theft Auto V 1.41\GTA5.exe => 0x000000013FF80000 (0x04889400)
    [2017-09-25 20:38:30] [INIT] Creating thread...
    [2017-09-25 20:38:30] [INIT] Created thread, id 0x17DC
    [2017-09-25 20:39:43] [INFO] Successfully removed turbulence for 58 CFlyingHandlingData instances
    [2017-09-25 20:39:43] [INFO] Freeing library and exiting thread...

    26 Septembrie 2017
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    God... finally, I personally hate that damn turbulence, it just ruin my experience when all I care is just... take a jet and blow stuff up, worst of it all is all mods for this require you to edit handling and thats a no go, been waiting for this ever since the game release, thanks.

    20 Septembrie 2017
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    @GeorgianLORD I'm not angry, on the contrary, just trying to give you advice in the most polite way possible with constructive criticism because I liked this livery you did a good job on this, but of course can do better, trust me people can be very harsh some times around here, but not my case.

    19 Septembrie 2017
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    @GeorgianLORD Here, as you can see its flipped, this happens because you took one side and flipped it over to save some time, however when working on paint jobs not everything its always 100% symmetrical, it is more noticeable with text, since it ends up reading backwards, seems you have the PSD so you can easily fix this by adding text manually on the other side instead of copying and flipping it.

    Also, you are free to do it if you want and I won't tell you not to do it, but I would advice against putting links to your channel asking people to subscribe on the paint jobs, I am a graphic designer myself and I know this takes some effort to set up and get credited for it, maybe you want yourself to get known but from my point of view with things like this its not quite a good practice, just my personal opinion, more importantly fix the flipped text and you'll get 5 stars from me.

    18 Septembrie 2017
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    One of the sides its flipped/mirrored which looks pretty bad but no big deal, I can just fix it myself, thanks for bringing this in.

    18 Septembrie 2017
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    @lorizz12 Don't worry, no pressures anyway, I know the mod development will probably stop at some point but I don't think you're too far from getting it right, if you ask me the mod was already on the right track, V4 was on point, V5 some downsides (some options removed due to maintenance like you said) right now the only real annoyance I'm experiencing its nitro not auto refilling, its the only thing breaking my immersion, I'm not experiencing any crash whatsoever... Not quite sure why it is not working for bruce142, I could only think about some kind of conflict with other mod because the nitro works for me, with both keyboard and gamepad using default settings.

    15 Septembrie 2017
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    @lei521 I would so much like a V4 with IKT speedo compat because I like that NFS Underground nitro bar style, V4 has all the functionality I would ever want, except I don't like the nitrous bar very much, I was getting some crashes with V4 too but I was unable to pinpoint the exact reason on my testings, I changed the nitro stage to 3 in the ini file in my case and that solved some of the problems but my game still crashed after a while but I think it was my Menyoo version cause when I took it off, game didn't crashed again...

    Haven't tested V4 again on latest GTA Release.

    13 Septembrie 2017
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    @lorizz12 Also on a side note I think the only real problem which is making this mod quite unusable for me on V5 is only the no auto-refilling problem, if you want you can consider my other suggestions for future updates.

    12 Septembrie 2017