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    @pixzl It does work with NVE but you'll notice that color of blue lights version is very green instead of blue. This change is caused by NVE in some way.

    The only solution I've found is to replace the default light props with the ones which are there in NVE "New Street Lights" add-on which changes color of lights to blue.

    I tried modifying it myself, but not all props can be simply replaced either - will cause weirdness, like light halo is yellow but color is blue, and lights are facing only one side of the road instead of both, or one light on top of another because citylights uses different props, some which are just lights without the base)

    I exported all ymaps in citylights dlc.rpf as xml, wrote a script to replace all models with the nve blue streetlights.

    [Here's a screenshot of what happened when I tried to fix it myself]

    07 Iulie 2020
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    request / Idea: make an ini file that has track names and can adjust crowd vs custom music volume according to time. So, say the drop in a song comes at 0:55 secs, then the crowd volume after that should be 100% and music volume 95% or something. It'll add the effect of crowd going crazy when the drop comes... :D I've manually done this outside the game using 2 media players, one having song at 100% and other with crowd in VLC and volume to 200% when the drop comes. Will make it come to life ^^

    19 Octombrie 2019
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    @TayMcKenzie Already had packfile limit adjuster. Been installing mods since 2017, made sure there's no mistake in dlclist.xml and I also have heap adjuster. I think it has something to do with the gameconfig. There must've been a version of this mod for GTA5 v1.0.1493.1 back in late 2018s, I could copy specifically changed values from that gameconfig into my current one, maybe it could work...

    26 Mai 2019
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    It feels like this visualsettings.dat is for vanilla GTA5. It does work with NVR but can you please fix it for actual NVR's visualsettings.dat too? and specify which values in particular caused the flickering?

    25 Mai 2019
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    Crash if I don't use your gameconfig. Endless loading screen if I use your gameconfig. :/ Stayed up till 6am trying to figure this one out and gave up. [Original GTA5 v1.0.1493.1 - RGSC Version]

    I'll try to use this with addonpeds later, hope that works :D

    18 Mai 2019
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    I loved having the list sorted by the time I added the peds, but today, accidentally "Sorted" the peds by name. Now my list of all addon peds is in alphabetical order. How can I change it back :c

    17 Mai 2019
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    @le__AK Please describe which ymap file in dlc.rpf effects which areas on the map? I want to remove some areas I don't care that much abt, to reduce crashes and increase fps...

    18 Aprilie 2019
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    Awesome. You could add a bit more of these lights wherever you want because it just makes the game come to life ^-^ I wanna see an update to this mod with more lights and more area covered!! :D Awesome work, no issues, easy installation. 5/5

    19 Martie 2019
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    How about some instructions in the download/description, telling users where these files should be replaced? :)

    19 Martie 2019
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    @jedijosh920 Requests and some suggestions which will make afterhours much much better:

    Can all songs play in sequence or shuffle as for the player's settings? Settings can be done where we request a song? (A mod "Self Radio" already has these features for playing MP3 files with shuffle or at specific volume...)

    Can the volume of crowd.mp3 again, increase for another short while at around 0:45 till 1:20 seconds after a song starts playing? Because that's the time when average music has it's first drop, and second time increase crowd volume again at the 2nd drop which usually occurs at 1:45 to 2:20 seconds?

    Config file to tell the script after how long should crowd volume should increase? OR EVEN BETTER, define that for each MP3 track?? :D :D [[It'll be much more realistic and I love this mod]]

    Please please see if these things can be put in as an update! :))

    16 Decembrie 2018