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    @PA_Brito Did you use "Effects Textures" in optional files?

    @GensokyoIsReal Thank you, you were not really long

    @R3Flow If I understand you correctly, then yes, I fixed it

    @illegalchees Thank you for rating. The parameter "<AnimReloadRate" is responsible for this

    @oooper666 Yes, now Heavy sniper mk2 shoots with explosive ammunition, I forgot to indicate this

    02 Mai 2022
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    @GJ19964 In the next couple of weeks, I will release the update and you can proceed to work, I joined your discord channel and you can write what exactly you want to discuss. Thank you!

    @R3Flow In fact, I do not really understand how it can interfere with you to see this I had to spend several tests, anyway, I will try to fix it. Thank you for finding failure.

    21 Aprilie 2022
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    @GJ19964 Thanks for the feedback! I use W.E.R.o This is one of those Euphoria mods with which I play, a great mod

    @NightBreak290 everything should be fine, sometimes the game simply breaks down after installing any mod, it can also be a conflict with something, but I didn't come across this and I can't help you, sorry

    @jewsluvcoin Thanks for the feedback, I think about doing something with explosions

    @Mattedious It almost does not affect the damage, but the weapon began to shoot faster and accordingly faster to kill, I think you can use it with deadly weapons

    @R3Flow I did not quite understand, you mean that Rof weapons differ when you are in fall, and when are you standing?

    15 Aprilie 2022
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    @NeonX Some skins are not configured to play from the first person, if this problem is in the original, then it will be in IC. Addons have their own Meta files, my mod does not affect them. You can try to fix it in this tutorial 2. Thanks for the feedback!

    @Slick_Nick Vanilla Expanded Dispatch

    01 Martie 2022
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    @djukel Change the "FirstPersonScopeFov" parameter for the weapon you need, a value without aiming 53 or 54

    @rockdude93 Install IС after mods on the sound, I made a file for the VED, install it and it will be compatible.

    23 Februarie 2022
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    @ImJC1 You can't combine them, they replace the same thing, but in different ways. Thanks for your feedback

    @Kklyz I did not think about it, I think it is possible if some way to change the effects of throwing the sleeve, but I do not know how to work with such files. Thanks for your feedback


    @gayniy Я думаю ,что его возможно использывать на своём сервере fiveM, но если вы играете на стороннем сервере - нет. Cпасибо за хорошй отзыв

    @djukel Do you mean the zoom from a third person or a change in FOV from the first person?

    12 Februarie 2022
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    @HasseTheOne @American_Anime @oooper666 @Trancenath91 @imbecille @Destrick Glad you like it

    @GlitchedGiant Changed rate of fire all weapons, in version 1.5 increased rate of fire pistols. Thanks for your feedback

    @Terry Kaffarov I do not have such a problem, what other mods on weapons do you use?

    @Mangokillen from mod for gta 4 HD Weapon Icons by stonem09

    26 Ianuarie 2022
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    @Trancenath91 I think if you install my mod after "Pickups", it will work

    @Equinox407 @Blhaz Thanks for the feedback guys!

    @Destrick @HasseTheOne Update Ready

    @Smoak 'n J I checked everything and did not meet something like that. maybe a problem in the model of the weapon you use

    @Easytron Thanks for the feedback, ever change it

    @basher_hd Thanks for your feedback, I already think about something like that.

    @GlitchedGiant @BaimedCS Unfortunately I can not realize it yet, but I think it is better to do it, many people ask about it

    17 Ianuarie 2022
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    @Smoak 'n J I have not met this. Maybe I still do not understand you, could you send a screenshot?

    @DarthMerovingian Do you want to change the amount of ammunition? If I understood you correctly. Write about it and I will give instructions. And also thanks for the high rating

    @ZbynieK You can find it in the links under this video">

    @AleesFX Many thanks!

    @ginaphilips thank you for rating!

    @OAG You can find it in the links under this video

    @GFOLKS Open the file "weaponanimations.meta" For the desired weapon, find the string "WEAPON_(Hash of needed weapon)" еhen the lines "AnimFireRateModifier" and "AnimBlindFireRateModifier" Increase the value and the firerate of needed weapon will increase

    @Alfabrain Sorry, but I can't do a lot of different versions of fashion yet, it becomes more difficult to make an update.

    @American_Anime I also thought about it, I think in the next version I will do it

    @Destrick Thanks for the praise, now I discovered that the combat shotgun is really broken, I will include on the correction in the following update and make a patch in the near future

    07 Decembrie 2021
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    @Smoak 'n J What sights and scopes need to be realignment and what exactly? Write in detail or send a screenshot and then I may be able to fix it

    @nj5050 I do not understand you. Write what exactly the problem

    @LlWh I still find it difficult to figure it out, but I will try to do it in one of the following versions.

    @oooper666 I use "Previous Generation HUD" and VisualVanilla


    @komurokaede So that your mods folder is not ruined make backup every time you install a new mod . Still, I listen to you and add a uninstaller in the next version.

    16 Noiembrie 2021