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    @MAFINS Okaay, i`ll give gravity gun a try, never use it before
    When will u release the next update?
    Thank you very much

    15 Septembrie 2016
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    @MAFINS Wow, you did? I mean i use the latest version that i download 2 days ago

    Another idea, can u make an option for "power-ammo"? Let`s say when u shot a truck, the ammo force will push it several feet away, doesn`t make it explode tough...

    Thank you, keep rockin` dude

    15 Septembrie 2016
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    Dude, your trainer is dope af, u have my gratitude... Absolutely the best trainer I`ve tried so far...

    I have a suggestion to fix the forcefield on the next update
    It`s working fine, but whenever i hit a truck or a car (in a high speed) it doesnt really work, because i will hit the respective vehicle first before the force kicks in

    So, to fix this i think you can increase the forcefield range by another 3-5 meters radius

    Thanks dude, u rock...

    15 Septembrie 2016
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    Hey, I`ve carefully followed your guide and eventually it works, thanks a lot

    I have another question tough. I want to reduce the area radius (probably 5 meters before the impact kicks in), and also the force power (i prefer a little push rather than throw the entities so hrad that they blows up)
    I tried to change the valeu of -local force- -local distance- and -local distanceRate-
    but it doesnt work and made the force power even more powerful

    could you help me to reduce the range and force power please

    13 Septembrie 2016
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    Good day bro. I`ve found this mod wonderful and i completely agree with u. I think it would be better if the mod had the shockwave being continously activated
    I`ve tried all of your instruction and also copy-pasting the script u`ve shared but sadly it wont work. Maybe an alignment problem? i dont know, Im not a tech guy
    I humbly request that u can share the working code via pastebin. so i can understand completely about the script
    sorry for my bad english

    08 Septembrie 2016