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    hey i don't know if anybody will respond since the last comment was in april but, can somebody please help me? the menu for this mod (F10) doesn't come up, and my other mod menus come up like nibs mod menu or the "menyoo" mod menu so why won't this one? i followed installation videos step by step to install this mod and as far as i know i have everything in the correct folders and added the ped correctly because i used menyoo to apply the ped to myself, i just don't know why the F10 menu doesn't come up to activate the mod, so if somebody can help i would really appreciate it <3 thanks!

    27 Septembrie 2020
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    Can somebody please help me here? I have done as the instructions say and it still spawns the original comet as well, even though i did all of the instructions correctly. please help! :) what do i do? do i just try to spawn it with a trainer? i have tried that multiple times, or do i have to get it some other way? thanks!

    11 Mai 2020