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PersistentV Automatic & Manual Save 1.0 -Release


PersistentV is a script mod for Grand Theft Auto V that enhances the vehicle persistence feature in the game. It allows you to easily save and manage your favorite vehicles, ensuring they are always available to you whenever you need them.

With PersistentV, you have two options for saving vehicles: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, vehicles are automatically saved as you exit them, making it convenient to retrieve them later. In manual mode, you have control over the saving process and can choose when and which vehicles to save.

The manual save key is default set to J or K but can be adjusted 100% freely in the ini file, as well as a vast of other settings!

Press i To delete last saved vehicle

Controller support
Press D-Pad Right

*What makes this mod different

I recently just used and saw a mod named “persistence”… . It was really great but have a vast of bugs, because it’s kind of outdated. I couldn’t see an automatic function for saving vehicles, so I decided to do it myself, and share it with your guys.

Future plans

1. Can save addon cars
2. Save car modifications to include vehicle_extras and liveries
3. Auto updates the location of cars once exited or modified/tuned
4. Possibility to save up to at least 50 cars
5. Possibility to sell cars and or remove cars from save slots
6. Toggleable car blip for saved cars which can be disabled in .ini to prevent blips from disappearing
7. Cars despawn and load up within a certain radius to prevent lagging or performance issues
8. Controller support (preferably mod relies on Ifuit app/call to use)
9. Supports flatbed tow truck script trucks
10. Saves a wide variety of vehicles big or small, boats, planes, bicycles and trailers(if possible)

Key Features:

Automatic and manual vehicle saving modes.
Customizable key bindings for manual saving.
Vehicle blips for easy identification on the map.
Persistent vehicles that stay saved even after game restarts.
Sound effects to provide feedback on saving and deleting actions.
Optional help text notifications to guide you through the process.
Integration with NativeUI and NAudio libraries for enhanced functionality.
To install PersistentV, you need Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET, and the NativeUI and NAudio libraries. Once installed, simply follow the in-game instructions to start saving your vehicles and enjoy the convenience of having your favorite rides always at your disposal.

Experience enhanced vehicle persistence in GTA V with PersistentV. Never lose your cherished vehicles again!

Feel free to adjust and customize the description to fit your needs.

PersistentV - Installation Guide

Step 1: Requirements

Make sure you have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) installed on your computer.
Download and install Script Hook V. Script Hook V is a library that allows scripting in GTA V. You can download it from the official website:
Ensure that you have the "NativeUI.dll" and "NAudio.dll" files.
Step 2: Script Files

Download the script files for "PersistentV" from the provided source or repository.
Extract the downloaded ZIP file to a convenient location on your computer.
Step 3: Script Installation

Navigate to your GTA V installation folder. This is usually located at: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V.
Locate the "scripts" folder within the GTA V installation folder. If the folder doesn't exist, create it.
Copy the extracted script files, including "PersistentV.dll," "NativeUI.dll," and "NAudio.dll," into the "scripts" folder.
Step 4: Configuration

Open the "PersistentV.ini" file located in the "scripts" folder.
Customize the settings according to your preferences. The configuration file provides options for key bindings, saving modes, sound settings, and more. Refer to the script's documentation for details on each setting.
Save the changes made to the configuration file.
Step 5: Launching the Script
Lanch GTA5 and Have Fun!

If you wish to remove the script from your game, follow these steps:

Navigate to the "scripts" folder in your GTA V installation directory.
Delete the script files associated with "PersistentV," including "PersistentV.dll," "NativeUI.dll," and "NAudio.dll."
Note: Always make sure to follow any additional instructions or recommendations provided with the script to ensure proper installation and functionality.

That's it! You've successfully installed "PersistentV" and are ready to use it in GTA V. Enjoy the script and have fun with your gaming experience!
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