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JM Callouts Remastered for LSPDFR 4.5.3 [Not Compatible with v3179]


Downloads are Disabled until a update is released for this pack.

JM Callouts Remastered is NOT Compatible with v3179 of GTA V LSPDFR. It's gonna take some time for this pack to be updated. Check my Discord for updates on my callout pack.

Old Versions (4.5.3 or lower) will NOT be supported. Update to latest build for smoother gameplay experience.

JM Callouts Remastered is the remastered callout pack from the original JM Callouts BETA
pack previously uploaded to This callout pack will have the best callouts that I ever done.

Note: If you have InteriorsV Mod installed, you need to disable Story Mode Compatibility. Some callouts will break if not disabled.

How to disable Story Mode Compatibility

GTAV (Main Directory) - InteriorsV.ini - Change 'StoryCompatibility = true' to StoryCompatibility = false


    LSPDFR 0.4.9 (Latest Build)

    Legit Copy of GTA V (Steam, Epic Games Store, Rockstar Launcher, or Retail)

    INSTALL ONE OF THESE INTERIORS MODS - Required for Certain Callouts:

    Open All Interiors:


    Enable All Interiors:


      - Customizable .ini

      - Version Checker to check for updates

      - Variety Of Callouts

      Current Callouts:

      Intoxicated Individual

      Illegal Campfire on the beach

      Trespassing On Private Property

      Possible Prostitution

      Refuse To Leave

      Refuse To Pay


      Illegal Prostitution
      Trespassing on Railroad Property

      Code Karen

      9-1-1 Hang Up

      Trespassing on Construction Property

      Public Disturbance

      Lost Individual

      Unauthorized Access Movie Studio

      Dead Body

      Soliciting - Del Perro Pier

      Reckless Driving

      Stolen Emergency Vehicle

      Trespassing On School Property

      Person On The Highway

      Stolen Construction Equipment

      Movie Hopping

      Stolen Military Equipment

      Domestic Disturbance

      Abandoned Vehicle on RailRoad Tracks


      Peeping Tom * NEW *

      Purple Alert *NEW* (Florida Based Callout)

      Check me out on Twitch for behind the scenes, LSPDFR, and more:

      Terms of Use:

      You are free to use this plugin, however you may NOT redistribute and or REVERSE ENGINEER. Always Link to the Original callout plugin pack. This includes as Claiming this as your own. Redistribution of this callout plugin pack will result in a DMCA Takedown. This callout pack is only distributed only on GTA5-Mods, GitHub, and my personal site. Other sites contains malware.


      Drag and Drop "plugins" folder into main GTA V Directory

      Updating from previous version, drag and drop "plugins" and "lspdfr" folders to overwrite the existing one. This will include the updated callouts, .ini, and audio.

      For the texture, read the readme



      - Added 2 New Callouts ("Purple Alert" and "Peeping Tom - SFW")
      - More Dialogue Improvements
      - Changed the callout probability of Dead Body callout from Low to Medium
      - Minor Improvements
      - Minor Adjustments
      - Bug Fixes


      - Added "JMCallouts Audio" folder. (Most callouts rely on the audio in the folder)
      - Minor adjustments to "Dead Body" callout
      - More dialogue improvements
      - Added 1 new callout ("Stalking")
      - Minor adjustments
      - Minor Bug fixes
      - Changed Dead Body callout probability from "Medium" to "Low"
      - Changed Domestic Disturbance and Illegal Prostitution callout probability from "High" to "Medium"
      - Removed "Wreckless Driving" callout
      - Added 2 new weapons in "Person On The Highway" callout
      - Added 6 new peds in "Person On The Highway" callout
      - Changed the code response in "Public Disturbance" callout from "Code 3" to "Code 2"
      - More notification improvements
      - Changed the code response in "Refuse To Leave" callout from "Code 2" to "Code 1"
      - Changed the callout probability in "Illegal Campfire On Public Beach" callout from "High" to "Medium"
      - Changed the code response in "Illegal Campfire On Public Beach" from "Code 3" to "Code 2"
      - Changed the code response in "Soliciting" from "Code 3" to "Code 2"
      - Help Messages are now set to false by default


      - Fixed an issue when tow truck tries to tow the vehicle when the vehicle wheels is locked (Abandoned Vehicle on Railroad Tracks callout)
      - Added 3 new locations to "Abandoned Vehicle On Railroad Tracks" callout
      - Minor bug fixes
      - Updated Discord link (Old one no longer works)


      - Added 3 new vehicles to "Wreckless Driving" callout (Sovereign, Blazer3, and Bifta)
      - Added 1 new callout in BETA Testing ("Abandoned Vehicle On Railroad Tracks") - EXPECT UNEXPECTED BUGS. Please report any issues to my Discord.
      - Minor ini changes
      - Minor Improvements
      - Changed the Dead Body, 9-1-1 Hangup, callout probability from High to Medium
      - Improvements to the Callout Notifications
      - Changed the Unauthorized Access Movie Studio callout probability from Medium to Low
      - Added 1 new location to "Movie Hopping" callout - Callout is now complete but may receive some updates.
      - Removed "Prohibited Underage Tattoo" callout permanently (Not returning).


      - Added 1 new callout ("Prohibited Underage Tattoo")
      - Fixed the ini not reading "true" or "false" when set by the player.


      - Added 20 new locations for 9-1-1 Hangup, Code Karan, Illegal Campfire On Public Beach,
      Public Disturbance and Possible Prostitution
      - Improved Version Checker
      - 3 new callouts ("Domestic Disturbance", "Stolen Military Equipment", and "Movie Hopping")
      - Added 2 new vehicles in "Stolen Construction Equipment" callout
      - Minor ini changes
      - Bug Fixes
      - Minor improvements
      - Added 10 new peds in "Possible Prostitution" callout
      - Added 3 new locations for Intoxicated Individual, Person On The Highway, Refuse To Pay, Refuse To Leave,
      Soliciting, Trespassing On Private Property, Trespassing On Construction Property, Trespassing On Railroad Property,
      and Unauthorized Access Movie Studio
      - Dialogue Improvements

      Note: Please delete any old versions of JM Callouts Remastered you have as it
      will not work in future versions of LSPDFR. As of v4.1,I WILL NOT BE SUPPORTING/or Providing
      support of OLD VERSIONS OF JM Callouts Remastered. Consider updating to LATEST version.


      - Added 3 new vehicles to "Stolen Emergency Vehicle" callout (Callout Complete and Stable)
      - Added 1 new callout (Stolen Construction Equipment)
      - Minor ini changes
      - More dialogue improvements

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