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First Person Cutscenes 1.1



This enables a first person camera in all cutscenes. I have been wanting to make this mod since Jedijosh920 originally made his first person cutscene video. Special thanks to Slick on the GTA5-Mods Discord for helping me at the start.

Install Scripthook V .NET and place FPC.dll into the scripts folder.

--Key Bindings--
F10: Toggles the mod.

The mod is on by default.

Any glitches that you see are from Rockstar themselves. First person cutscenes never would have been a thing originally because of animation glitches which are normally hidden by the camera angles.


The camera is not attached to the player/Is in the ground.
Whenever the player does not exist in a cutscene, this bug occurs. Disable the mod with F10 until the player is visible again and it will be fixed. This will be fixed in a future update.

The game has loaded after the cutscene but nothing is happening/Objectives haven't appeared.
Kill your character and then skip the cutscene. If that doesn't work, during the cutscene disable the mod with F10 and it will be fixed.

1.0 - Initial release
1.1- Added ini file. You can now edit the toggle button and change the FOV.
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