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Farnsworth's Assassinations and Bodyguards 0.81


Allows one or more targets to spawn with a random amount of bodyguards protecting them. You get cash for each target you kill. There are random missions with targets on foot and in vehicles. There are also pre-determined locations that will have targets spawn. At these locations, you need to identify your targets before antagonizing the guards in order to mark them on your map.

Press "I" to hire/dismiss personal bodyguards. You can have up to 50 bodyguards (may be laggy with more than 30) which will follow you, and attack anyone who injures you, one of them, or anyone you target. You can also determine whether hiring guards costs you money. (Currently $100/guard)

Press your "Aim" button/key when standing close to a payphone to activate the next contract or press "K" to spawn the targets.
Current Features:
-1 or more targets with bodyguards that follow them in a set formation that changes depending on the targets movement
-Formation changes to a human shield when guards are suspect or have stopped moving
-Guards can tell when you are driving towards there client at high speed and will try to stop you
-very aggressive guards will chase you even after the client has been killed
-Guards/Targets can spawn on foot or in vehicles
-Configurable bodyguard accuracy, numbers, activation key, and police involvement
-Can hire a personal bodyguard service that will attack anyone who hurts you, them, or anyone you are targeting
-Static scenario(s) where you must find and mark your target before engaging them
-Stealth system allows you to kill guards/targets without engaging the group unless a guard sees you or is too close (Screenshot #3)
-Alert system for guards who find a dead body
Future Plans:
-Multiple static locations with different scenarios and peds involved **In progress**
-Description of the target with a general area instead of a marker for static targets **In Progress**
-Any ideas you have
-Removed code showing hash of anything player aimed at. SORRY! 8p
-Added stealth weapon kills. Killing guards with a suppressed weapon will not draw attention unless another guard sees them
-Fixed spawn bug that crashed script
-Fixed crash that occurred when using another player model
-Added text to describe what button presses are doing within the mod
-Optimized code a lot. Frame drops should occur much less now
-Added option to turn continuous missions on. This will allow you to play assassination contracts one after the other until you disable it
-Added option to turn static missions off
-Optimization of code
-Targets will now fight back, and flee in vehicles if there is one nearby.
-More bug fixes
-Removed testing code left in by mistake
-Added first static scenario
-Added first version of stealth system
-Added first version of alert state for guards
-Fixed target blip not removed from map when killed
-Clean up of code
-Rare bugs fixed, stability increased
-Bodyguards reliably arrive in vehicles after hiring
-Fixed targets not registering as being killed during assassination contracts
-Fixed target spawning inside building or ground rendering the whole crew standing still
-Fixed issue where occasionally bodyguards and/or targets reset due to variable being set wrong
-multiple small code cleanup, bug fixes
-Added personal bodyguard service
-Added vehicle spawns
-Fixed a lot of bugs
- Added Configuration ini
-Few minor bugs
- Removed invincible and never wanted code left in by mistake used to build with included in archive. Newer versions should work also.
- Initial Release
Scripthook V by Alexander Blade
Scripthook by Crosire

Place the "targets.dll" file into your "scripts" folder in your GTAV directory.

Press "k" in game to start the contract.

Known Issues
-"Whiz" payphones do not currently work

Please do not re-upload, modify, or otherwise alter this mod. I am happy to help if you have questions, but please respect other people's work. If you use some code or learn something, a mention is always a delight.

Have fun!

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