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Buddy Control 5.1



If in your scripthookvdotnet log file you dont see any reports about relationships.dll stoped working, but still can't see Lifeinvader app in your phone contact book, try to start a new game.

This script allows you to have friend/girlfriend for each character. Once you have Lifeinvader contact, you can call your friend/girlfriend to arrange date. Then more respect you have, then more options will be available for you (Like HotCoffee mod, come over to character function and holding hands).
You can earn friends/girlfriends respect by driving fast,swimming together, camping, hang out in YellowsJack bar, skydiving, however you also can loose respect if you will drive against traffic,hitting peds, vehicles, fighting with someone, so be carefull, once your respect level will be sub 1, the date will be over.
If you want to camp, then you will have to go to countryside untill special notification will pop-up on your screen. Once you'll see it, hold main menu button and select "Find camp locations" option to see all camp locations on the map. While standing on one of them and your partner is close enough to you, another hint will pop-up. Then just follow the insructions on your screen.

To interract with Lifeinvader app in order to save new contact or arrange/cancel date open your phonebook and call "Lifeinvader" contact.Once Lifeinvader app is opened, you can text you friend/girlfriend if you have one already or add new contact by looking at any ped. Then just press the button you will see on screen and contact will be saved.
If date has been arranged, you can cancel it by texting your friend again or come to friends place (Blipped on the map as white colored home icon) to pick him/her up. Also you can ask your frined to come at your location if your respect level is high enough.
When your friend will be with you, just hold MAIN_MENU_BTN(can check/change code button .ini file RealationShips/RealationShips.ini. By default its "Sprint button" to open main menu and follow the instructions on screen.

Important information
1.You have to delete my previous BuddyControl script (BuddyControl folder and BuddyControl.dll file) if you're gonna use this one.
2.You can activate HotCoffee mod in .ini file IF you're older then 18 years old. Its all on you if you are under 18 and will activate this mode.

- Sitting on bay hugging your friend;
- Walking with your friend while hugging;
- Camping with your friend in countrysides zone;
- Hangout in YellowJack;
- Sleep in Friends Apartaments;
- Control your friend (Can order him to drive, go to any location, hold position, follow you, fight against targets);
- Dynamic respect system;
- HotCoffee mode (Disabled by default);
- Random events; (Your friend can call you anytime and ask you to lift him to apartaments, have bicycle ride with him or come to party e.t.c);

HotCoffee part

If you activated Hot Coffee mod and your respect level is at top level, you can have xxx stuff with your partner at his/her location, in any car or in YellowJacks location.
At partners location the script will pick up random places and poses (3 totally), after you finish the character will wake up in partners bed thank him/her and leave apartaments.
I suggest you to use any Stripper ped model as your partner, so script would automaticly undress her during xxx scenes and dress her back up after its done. While sitting in car with your partner you can choose from 2 xxx types. If partners ped model is any stripper, she will drop off her clothes and will start to serve you.
Same goes for YellowJack Bar's location. You have 2 options either. Enjoy it and remebmer, that you need to be older or 18 years old to activate Hot Coffee mod.

How to install

Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet scripts)


.NET Framework 4.8 or higher
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV v1.0.1868.0
ScriptHookVDotNet v3.0.2
Naudio.dll (Included in arhive)
NativeUI.dll (included in arhive)
iFuit2.dll (included in archive)


- Fixed issue with apartaments enter (Character stucked on stairs);
- Added possibility to open contact control menu by pressing main menu button (Y for keyboard by default);
- Fixed issue with dislikes while driving on parkinglots or offroads;


-Added possibility to eat or drink in starbucks coffee with your friend;
-Added random event request from partner (Now there is a chance that your friend will ask you to lift him up at apartaments.But drive carefully, otherwise event will be failed);
-Improved hotcoffee sound effects and some anims;
-Fixed some bugs related to apartaments;
-Replaced camping blips;
-Removed "Y" button for menu function (Since the problem wasnt about ifruit2)


-Fixed major bug for some users that couldn't see Lifeinvader contact;
-Fixed bug where "ghost" could send you a help request,inspite of fact that you havent got any friend in your save data slot;


-Fixed script crashing issure when respect level is 0 or less;


-Added "Hold hands" function (You can now walk along with your friend hugging him/her);
-Fixed bad driving penalties for now reason issues;


-Added control customization(In .ini file);
-Removed driving against traffic and driving on pavement violations penalties;
-Added relax zone on the bay;
-Improved code optimization;


-Fixed camping function issues;


-Added Infernus and Cheetah dress-off function;
-Added vehicle door open function for vehicle hot coffee, so friends legs wouldnt come through it;


Replace RelationShip.ini file

-Improved contact menu (Now you can delete contact,update friend's outfit or replace contact)
-Main menu splited into 2 submenus;
-Added chat function;
-Added yoga interaction;
-Added rest(at any place) interaction;
-Added show-off interaction;
-Added more relaxing points;


Replace RelationShip.ini file

-Added more relaxing points;
-Added 6 random houses for your friend (When you will add new contact one of the 6 house locations will be assigned and saved for your friend);
-Added possibility to set topless mp character model in .ini file for HotCoffee mode (check [MP_CHAR] section).


Replace RelationShip folder

-Added new random event (Pick up friend from party with stages. More is comming in new update);
-Added possibility to play any custom song on guitar while sitting at relaxing point or on the treelog (need to place guitar mp3 songs in RelationShips folder);
-Added party interaction;
-Improved chat function, now every character will answer with his own voice;
-Fixed respect level issue;
-Script optimization;
-Improved camping function;


-Added compability with StreetMusician script;
-Changed "event passed" text;
-Fixed party event guests reaction for unfriendly actions;


-Added possibility to accept hanging in bar activity by pressing button;
-Fixed YellowJack hanging bugs;
-Fixed guitar compability issues with my StreetMusician script;
-Fixed view apartaments hotcoffee bugs;
-Added new random event (Bicycle ride. Also you can race with your friend or just ride relaxing by holding mainmenu button and pressing change formation type button);


-Added new bicycle ride activity (Pretty the same as random event, but you need to rent bikes first at special point marked as PersonalBike on the map, select route and return bikes back after you finish. I will add more rent points later);
-Fixed camping sript crash issue;
-Removed camping unappropriate positions;


-Added ScriptHookvDotnet 3 support;
-Reworked control system (You need to push 2 buttons to open actions menu: Sprint button + Look behind button)
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