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Barrier Fix 1.0.1


We all know about how them barrier arms aren't really all that responsive (if at all). This mod makes it so the toll booth arm and barrier arm open when the player is near (in a vehicle).

Surprised this hasn't been done before (I've scoured but did not see any results). Very simple script, look for nearby barrier arms, if player is in car and nearby then open, otherwise close.

Not overly tested, please provide feedback. Don't mind the fps, I have a pop config I need to work on and tweak. Also only tested on game v 1868.0.

NOTE: forgot to mention, the toll booths in the airport don't have moving scripts or parts for some odd reason. I'll look into what kind of object they are later and see if they can be removed/replaced via scripts.

If not, then I guess any ymap editor could replace those arms and as long as you set it to the same ones like in the movie lot, they'll work the same.

Side note, the scope of this mod will not be to make it so immersive you need to check in with the guy in the booth. I've posted the forum post with the code and will continue to update it with the latest code. If you want to rummage through it to solve certain ideas to make the above mentioned mod then suit yourself.

SHV, SHVDN (3.0.4)

Just drop the dll into your scripts folder.

* The toll booth arm at the movie lot is positioned weirdly (R* not me) so the detection can be ran on both when exiting the lot.

* Didn't test the military facility before I release but the rear barriers towards the north-west do not open. This is because its a different gate type. The gates on the other side should work normally but they have a second set of gates so lore wise it shouldn't matter.

* The code is written to detect player distance in the vehicle. Just tested and with a normal semi trailer its closes just after you pass through. However, if you halt, it will unrealistically (maybe realistically - dunno never driven a semi through a toll) come down on the trailer.

Though since the new update, there is a range set in place that now I can add a wait to the close portion to give it ample time for the semi trailer to pass through.

Help from @Jitnaught & @R3QQ to help clean up and understand coding.


v 1.0.0 - initial release, realized it only detects player. only affects the toll booth arms and barrier arms like the one you see around the movie lot. Army base unaffected and the static ones at the airport parking is also excluded.

v 1.0.1 - included pedestrian detection (up to 75f units in game, meters?). Added speed detection for peds so if being chased, theres still a good chance the peds won't break the barrier. Player range remains unchanged.
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