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Homelander V1 from THE BOYS W/ Cloth Physics [Add-On Ped]


Please Check out the note at the end about my Patreon :)
Roll The Intro Kid :

"I'm Homelander. I Can Do Whatever I Want"
"You Guys Are The Real Heroes, We Are Just Glad We Can Help"
"I'll Laser Every F**King One Of You"
Description :
This is one I kind of take pride in. I wanted to make this guy for A WHILE after watching the show. So I just made this for YOU GUYS. Now I have a better version over at my patreon so feel free to check that out (it's V2), also have V3 in the works.

The laser eyes can be toggled using the "task" body part. The ped also includes parts FULLY compatible with the Superman V2 mod by JulioNIB. If you guys use that mod, me and him worked on a way to fix the cape going over the body during flight, FOR GOOD.

So as of now ALL of my superman type peds will be compatible with that mod :) AND AS ALWAYS GUYS make showcase vids, machinimas and all that COOL stuff, I genuinely love the videos you guys add to my posts. Of course I would encourage checking out the version over at patreon and grab the one that suits you better. To have a peek at what V3 looks like (Spoiler : it's really accurate) Join the discord server by becoming a patreon and you will see....:)
Bugs and features :
As always I had tried to remove any and all bugs in the ped but if you notice any just let me know if anyone finds any :)

AND FEATURES : METALLIC EFFECTS, EMMISIVE EFFECTS, ITS F***IN HOMELANDER, Cape COMEPLETELY compatible with JulioNIB's new superman so the cape's never going haywire again and of course the laser eyes as well....
Installation :
(through add-on peds)
1.Grab this :
2.Place the files from the archive to update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf
3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add model in the list(check ReadMe for AddonPeds).
Credits :
TheFuumaSage for teaching me EVERYTHING I know, and for digging up the potential in me that I didn't know I had, and above all being one of the best friends/brothers and mentors one can ask for(he's on the site, check him out).

MTN4456 for being one my closest friends and who always pushes me to work towards better things selflessly, one of the most amazing human beings I know (He's here too!!!)

JulioNiB for endlessly working hard on these crazy scripts (I know he doesn't need an intro)
Version Log :
v1 : Base ped with metallic and emissive effects

NOTE : This is the part where I request you guys to support my work, I officially have a patreon now, which is already stacked with some stuff for each tier with a bunch of tier based rewards and a community discord, go check it out. I will have linked the patreon below my profile name. Your help is as always very very very highly appreciated to establish myself to a point of financial independence. So please do visit the page and try to help out my work :)
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