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AI Driving Mod 1.08


Out of the box, the AI driving ability is too perfect, I very rarely see any kind of accident unless I cause it myself. So, I changed their ability to react and made it a little more human. Now, you can stand at an intersection and wait for a few seconds and distracted drivers, tailgaters, speeders, etc., will make their commutes more interesting. The sports cars drive too aggressive the trucks can't brake fast enough, the crappy cars go too fast, and the motorcycles are just funny. For real pile up fun, stand on an overpass and after a minute or two someone will make a mistake and all hell will break loose.

Still tweaking the settings, will release an update when I'm happier with it. Accidents happen a little too often, but it makes missions more interesting. Also, be more careful crossing the street, not everyone's brakes work well enough to stop before hitting you.

Installation: OpenIV, access the common.rpf, navigate to data/ai, copy the vehicleaihandlinginfo file into the folder, rebuild and play. I'm also using a vehicle damage mod because out of the box damage isn't realistic enough for these kinds of impacts.

Updated: Version 1.01

- All vehicles have a better chance to stop.
- Sports cars have a better chance of stopping but a worse chance of swerving to miss something. Also if they're taking a corner too fast there's a chance for them to skid and lose control.
- All vehicles have a tendency now to over or under compensate certain turns or swerving. It's funny on the freeway because it is closer to realistic in how stupid human drivers are when swerving to miss something. In order not to hit what is in front of us, we can't seem to think before we swerve, "is there a car next to me?"
- Motorcycles are still pretty agile. Didn't see any in accidents since the new changes. Not saying there won't be.
- Wreck frequency is a lot lower in downtown and intersections.

Still not 100% happy with it, should be another update in a couple of days.

Update 1.02:

While there were some minor tweaks all around, my main focus was on sports cars.

- Sports cars can now slalom traffic at high speed missing the other cars by inches/cm as seen in the new video. However, while I've given them a slight increase of braking distance, I also increased their speed at maximum braking distance which causes them to skid out of control.
- normal vehicles have similar changes.

Keep in mind, this file only controls the AI's ability to brake and turn/swerve in whatever vehicle it is in and is still dependent upon the handling file which I am not making changes to. So some cars will handle better and some worse depending on the parameters set by R*.

I Will be focusing on the trucks for the next update.

Version 1.05:

- Nothing was changed in the vehicleAIhandlinginfo file, most of my focus was in the handling file for this update and getting the cop cars to stop before striking the player in normal traffic conditions. Personally, I don't drive around LS patiently or obey traffic laws, so I haven't encountered this problem, but some of you have. I increased the mass of the police vehicles by a few hundred pounds or kgs, not sure if the units are metric or American, whichever. Also increased the front braking bias and they seem to stop a lot faster now. This may solve the problem but it may not. If it doesn't, let me know, I'm already thinking of another way to fix it, but I don't want to waste time if it's not needed.

No other changes were made. Will be working on more speed related tweaks for the next update.

The handling file goes in the common.rpf @ common/data

Version 1.08:

Okay, I've got a much safer version included in this update. All vehicles have been given extra stopping distance, which will help at intersection, pile ups are still very likely on the freeway. With the safer drivers plus the added braking ability of police cars in the vehicles.meta file, things should be much safer. At least until the drivers get scared, then all bets are off.

I have three versions included in this update:

Extreme Pileup is more chaotic with a much higher chance of a pile up than the other two. Someone requested the original, which I no longer have, but this one is still very close.
V1.07 which is the previous version.
Safer AI Drivers which is a newer configuration giving them more time to stop.

Enjoy. If it's still not safe enough, post and I will get to work.
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