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Vanilla Expanded: Dispatch, Gang and Action 4.2


VE:DGA is a mod that enhances dispatch, gang and action using modified vanilla assets. It's a mod that we made in 2021 for fun.

VE:DGA Discord Server:

To install the mod, just drop the folders in the correct location, add "dlcpacks:/vedga/" in dlclist.xml
Also install the requirements: HeapAdjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster and Dilapidated's Gameconfig to increase mod stability and avoiding crashes. Use DirectX 11 too so in that case there would be no weird textures.


-A new challenging wanted system written from scratch
-Law enforcement equipment will improve as your wanted level increases, expect to see snipers and juggernauts at 5 stars
-Law enforcement AI is improved, so fighting cops is slightly harder now
-A system when shooting a cop doesn't give you 3 stars immediately, doesn't apply on ambient cops on stations or scenarios due to limitations
-Reworked law enforcement related ambience
-New jurisdictions (SAHP, MW, NOOSE, USCG, MW-Humane Labs)
-Variety of vehicles and peds

-Gangsters has new variety of clothing
-Unused gang peds spawns naturally aswell, adding variety in some gang areas
-Each gang has a unique loadout
-Gang combat AI is improved, you can expect seeing gangsters carry their fallen homies to safety
-Their bravery towards law enforcement is slightly increased

-Brawling AI is now improved, so there is a 75 percent chance peds would fight you back
-Knocking out NPCs doesn't kill them instantly and their props wouldn't fall
-Law enforcement has a new tactical shooting style (beware of mods that changes weaponanimations.meta)
-Michael and model switching to law enforcement will hold guns more professionally such as them using NPC cover animations or holding LMGs properly
-Different movement styles in different law enforcement agencies or gangs
-Showing your weapon to the public will alert the police (experimental)

-Vanilla Expanded: World is now combined with VE:DGA so you don't have to download two separate mods


Vanilla Expansion Team

-AlexanderLB: Taco liveries
-Custo: For letting us use "Total Cop Overhaul" as a reference
-cpast: combat tweaks script
-Franksteer: Help with ped modelling
-LenLenPanalo (on 5mods): Letting us use and modify "Prison Guard Enhancement"
-PEV Team: Help with AI and zonebind (jurisdictions)
-that pitbull: Help with pedpersonality.ymt, events.meta and occassionally giving ideas
-zunalegend: Occassionally giving helpful ideas

Special thanks to Lux3321 and yelyahbroncco for helping with the development of past versions.

-PEV: DT SWAT Interior Fix

-Female detectives
-Biker cops
-Jurisdiction specific unmarked vehicles
-Overall better gang outfits (female gangsters now wear male apparel too)
-Few AI tweaks
-VE:W is now combined with VE:DGA

-Fixed s-m-y-swat-01's vest texture
-Rearranged s-m-m-ciasec-01 pants textures to match missions

-Marine vests and kneepads have been recolored to match the camo
-Fixed clipping and replaced cargo pants with denim pants in female vagos and families peds
-Minor bug fixes in female lspd ped
-Edited Loadouts

-Gang wars are everywhere (there is also an optional file that makes gang wars rare)
-Improved Merryweather outfits and fleet
-Improved Military outfits and Patriot
-Military AI is more dynamic, (Shirtless marines and marine mechanics would retreat while armed marines would attack, but less aggressively than armored soldiers)
-East Los Santos gang scenarios
-Small ped improvements
-Fixed bugs and inconsistencies
-Optional file that gives you 3 stars instantly when killing a cop

-LSSD is now replaced with BCSD (Blaine County Sheriff Department)
-Female Tactical Cops
-More Law Enforcement vehicles
-More Law Enforcement Equipment (Vest walkie talkies, 3D detective/fib badges, etc.)
-Gangsters now have better apparel
-New gang scenarios, giving gangs a wider territory
-AI is slightly improved

-Updated pedpersonality.ymt to make cops walk during searches, this makes DTSwat units to use ADS more often than before, also makes searches more immersive
[NOTE: I also uploaded pedpersonality.ymt in a seperate folder for 3.2.3 users]

-Military Patriot has strong glass now!
-Fixed wrong torso skintone in swatlite01 ped
-Fixed wrong shades of black textures in some peds

-Khaki NOOSE TRU uses the correct emblem US flag
-Fixed jacket clipping in LSPD Swat and SMYBlackops02

-Fixed hwayspec bugs (wrong short sleeve uniform, helmet clipping, consistent head textures and outdated emblems)
-Trevor's 1st utility belt uses the same texture as his 2nd utility belt
-Fixed bugs in swat and helicopter AI

-Cops are remade from scratch with new equipment and better optimization
-AI is edited (again) for a better experience
-New Del Perro Police Station scenario
-LSPD Maverick and Detectives are enhanced giving them a better look
-CEO Vests (vests the NOOSE and Blackops02 use) now has bloodmap
-New Park Ranger uniforms
-New G6 security guard uniforms
-New FIB field agents (now has two variants)
-And more...(It is up to you to figure out what else is changed)

-Improved navy vest texture
-Female LSPD cop hair variety (it was supposed to be a feature in 3.1 but I forgot to actually put it in the DLC)
-FIB Interceptor dirt map bug fix
-Civilian/mission helicopter pilot wears helmets again
-Other minor changes

-Fixed a weird bug that causes blackops02 to have 238 goggle slots (might be game breaking too so u should probably overwrite 3.1)
-Updated download link (since MEGA for some reason always requires a new link when updating a file)

-Major ped equipment overhaul
-Borrowed 3D ped assets from 3.0 (except TCO) are recreated
-LSPD livery is slightly enhanced
-New vehicles: Unmarked Buffalo, Sheriff Esperanto, Sheriff Rancher, SAHP Rumpo
-Gang peds have better clothing now
-Some unused gang peds spawns naturally now
-New experimental events.meta (it does not work perfectly yet but we will find a way to perfect it)
-Bug fixes

-Minor and Major Bug Fixes
-DLC folder is renamed to vedga
-LSPD and NOOSE Marksmen have new uniforms

-Fixed corrupted .rar

-New fleet of vehicles
-New fleet of peds
-Now has more types of units for example heli pilots, snipers and juggernauts
-Now has a system when shooting a (non-ambient) cop doesn't give you 3 stars immediately (this feature is not 100 percent perfect due to some limitations)
-Reworked Jurisdictions (For example Coast Guard and Navy in the ocean, SAHP in the Prison)
-new name xd

-Fixed police4 interior

-sheriff2 and vedpolsuv mapping is fixed
-LSSD STDs wearing goggles inside the helmet goggles is fixed
-Easier Installation instructions and extra cautions in readme

-New jurisdictions (SAHP, Merryweather, NOOSE PIA)
-New and upgraded vehicles
-New and upgraded peds
-New and upgraded scenarios
-Can support 4 man SWAT teams (thanks to cpast for letting us use combat tweaks)

-Fixed broken dispatch.meta
-Added thigh holsters for cops
-Replaced FIBSEC heads

-Fixed FIB agents using LSPD voices
-Removed duplicate Riot

-Made installation easier
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