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SyncFX 2.0


Hello everyone, welcome to SyncFX! A ReShade and ENB config combination that provides quality environment colors and reflections. This preset is good for daily playing and as well as for taking quality screenshots.

Watch the showcase video of this mod.
SyncFX 2.0 (Youtube)

All screenshots are taken from Rockstar Editor.

Please read the Read Me carefully. All the important information can be found inside that file.

More Photos:
Sync's Flickr

ENBSeries: Boris Vorontsov
ReShade: Crosire & Team
VisualV: _CP_ & robi29

-Updated for Reshade 3.0
-The final update for my ReShade config. (For now(?))

-Enabled Levels, Curves, Reinhardlinear and Filmgrain.
-Increased sharpen.
-Tweaked Lift gamma gain a bit.

-SMAA reworked. Now edge looks smoother even on low resolution.
-Tweaked enb a bit again. Increased and decreased some stuffs for better reflections.

-Removed bloom.
-Removed lens dirt effect.
-Increased tuning palette a bit.
-Increased HDR effect a bit.
-Tweaked filmicpass a bit.
-Tweaked enb a bit and reduced shine from car head/tail lights.

-Increased tuning palette effect for darker tone.
-Enabled HDR to improve color tones for a more darker gameplay.
-Increased lens dirt saturation.
-Increased sharpening a bit.
-Reduced chromatic aberration.
-Reduced vibrance a little bit.

-Reduced tuning palette effect a bit.
-Reduced vibrance and saturation.
-Added lens dirt effect.
-Added bloom effect.
-Name changed to SyncFX.

-Added tuning palette for a better overall colors.
-Increased some saturation and vibrance.
-Tweaked enb again for a more better reflections.

-Increased Chromatic Abberation a bit.
-Removed FXAA in config, now only using SMAA.
-Optimized (I hope?) the config by removing some unused effects.

-Tweaked enb and increased reflection to make it more realistic.

-Initial Release
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