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Plant Invasion a.k.a. WTF 1.0


This map is not really serious ^^ it Only use 99,99% of vegetation (1666 plant to be exact). And recover a huge part of the CBD of Los Santos with this Ugly (but really less laggy than other plant ;) strong strange stupid summary sliding Plant ;D

We can say the plant are eating everything, they eat the building, they eat the view, they eat the Rockstar work to make beautiful building, they eat my C key ;( they eat a bit of FPS, and will maybe eat your computer ;P

You can stop the plant to move, or earn FPS by lowering your " water " quality

How they arrive here ? We don't really know, after asking people of san andreas we optain some idea on the cause :
. some people said it's an OGM project of "MonSantos" that take a really bad turn and invade LS
. some say that mother nature deceid to aveng the Amazonian deforestation
. some say it's a conspiracy from hippie of "Greenwar" to destroy the industrial civilisation
. some say it's a alien plant that fall with a meteorite
. some say that some one wanted play "Plant vs city vs Zombie"
. some say that "this is the end"
. some say that it's weird
. some say that a nuclear strike have modified the plant organism
. some say that we probably take halucinogen to see this
. a lot said other bullshit

The good point is that We're sure of one thing you will have never as well breath a clean air as now into LS ;D

This map add a lot of (I should say " only " in fact ^^) vegetation and is recomended for lowend, mid and high end
(I said lowend ? wtf ? yes, if you lower your graphic you've chance to get it to work, I hope ;P)
This just a first test, plant can be glitched but I've in mind to redo it in a better way
IT don't add any tree, bush or whatever, only this ugly funny vegetation cause that probably one of the less hard for fps

Hope you find it Fun xP


1°) Get a working Map Editor :
Author: Guadmaz
(note if you can get the map editor to work, then ask for some help on the proper page not here, you'll have more and a better help on map editor page)

2°) Instal Object Spawn Unlocker 1.0 findable into the ZIP by putting it into your Gta Main folder
Author : GTA Multiplayer Team

3°) rename the "expendedobjectlist" from map editor ZIP to " Objectlist "
(it will replace the original one)

4°) Add the 10K list mod content to your " objectlist "
(simply past it into the list)

or simply use my objectlist

5°) place the xml file " wtf " into your main Gta Folder

6°) Once ingame open your map editor (F7) and load the map " wtf "

7°) Enjoy the view of a green city ;D

(i let the ground more or less clean else you'll not have seen anything of where you walk xD)

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And some minor other ;)
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