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    thanks @Makinolo. Found how to. I had to go to concept 2 link menu and press on "send power" in ANT Menu. Because pressing FE-C was not enough!

    07 Noiembrie 2021
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    trying to make it work. But when I activate (and even relaunch) the mod no bike get spawned. It seems that no power is detected. So my question is... Does someone knows if it works with a "Concept 2" bikeERG. I'm connecting via ANT+ (works great with zwift).

    I tried to edit my ant+ deviceID in settings (replacing 0 with the one given by my bike menu) but still no luck. Reinstalled the whole GTA 5 to be sure to have a fresh install. Still not working.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    06 Noiembrie 2021